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2005_Silverado 11-12-2009 06:00 AM

ima open it up too tired today...this 5-day weekend kicked my ass :( WW is up to 26K now :(

stonehenge 11-12-2009 06:01 AM

poor WW :(

I'm kinda liking this little thing:

pinche euroz get a diesel in it but when it comes to the US in 2011, no deezuhl :(

Note: little thing be for mah lady in a few years, while i drive the Nizz daily and pimp the truck :D

2005_Silverado 11-12-2009 06:03 AM

que lil thing?

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lol...if I ctrl-c, ctrl-v the image link onto new browser window it works...nice looking car :imo:

stonehenge 11-12-2009 06:10 AM

mf hotlinx. Its a chevy cruze. Be the replacement for the Cobalt in 2011. Lil 4-door that comes with a turbo'd 4cyl i thinks. Lemme find another pic

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Beast mode:

2005_Silverado 11-12-2009 06:13 AM

looks like a nice car....Im out brah.....soooooooo tired :yawn:

stonehenge 11-12-2009 06:21 AM

me too lates :shake:

theholycow 11-12-2009 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by Cez (Post 20417)
so i didnt do my history assignment :blah: im tired as fuck for some reason. going to take a shower and im probably going to sleep after

Everybody was tired yesterday.

SarkOzy 11-12-2009 01:47 PM


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:whoa: :roflmao:

Manbearpig 11-12-2009 03:01 PM


BillyJeanKing 11-12-2009 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by SarkOzy (Post 20439)

What happened here?

SarkOzy 11-12-2009 03:13 PM

She got shot with a paintball gun :jester:

Manbearpig 11-12-2009 03:14 PM


SarkOzy 11-12-2009 03:16 PM


Manbearpig 11-12-2009 03:16 PM


SarkOzy 11-12-2009 03:25 PM

Well it's not pB so I could care less lol.

Manbearpig 11-12-2009 03:31 PM

I can tell it's not a pit bull :crazy:

SarkOzy 11-12-2009 03:54 PM


2005_Silverado 11-12-2009 04:12 PM


stonehenge 11-12-2009 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by Manbearpig (Post 20442)


toasty, that be fancy no-gap plug? :fp:

Cez★ 11-12-2009 04:14 PM

ohayoskies :wave: wan. that be euro model gm? soooo im probably getting that 5.3 :D if its stil for sale

SarkOzy 11-12-2009 04:17 PM

Kinda reminds me of a pissed off drag queen with drawn-on eyebrows.

Cez★ 11-12-2009 04:19 PM

so i didnt forget teh burb keys in the burb :pepper:

2005_Silverado 11-12-2009 04:23 PM

mexiburb....does it have a mural of ur entire family and the burb by a waterfal with Chuy with his arms open looking over you guys?

Manbearpig 11-12-2009 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by Juan! (Post 20464)
toasty, that be fancy no-gap plug? :fp:


SarkOzy 11-12-2009 04:48 PM

I need foodz

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