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theholycow 09-25-2009 06:54 PM

If you watch it backwards...

So, how about it? Who can think of more?

If you watch The Shawshank Redemption backwards, a French Mexican follows an old black guy to prison, gives the warden his nice shoes and then scuffs them, gets raped, and then gets out only to find his wife cheating on him with a dead guy.

stonehenge 09-25-2009 08:08 PM

If you watch The Fast and The Furious backwards, everyone has amazing reverse skills.

BillyJeanKing 09-25-2009 08:44 PM

If you watch Friday backwards Craig was the bully

chevyrado14 09-27-2009 01:04 PM

If you watch Benjamin Button backwards its just like real life :whoa:

BillyJeanKing 09-27-2009 05:04 PM


but seriously


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