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Originally Posted by Juan! View Post
If anyone is interested, Walmart online has a special on PS3 games (and I think the other 2 consoles also). 2 for $30 on select titles. The selection is fairly limited but Resistance is one that I've been wanting. Not sure what I'd get for the second game though. It would be between Lego StarWars and NBA Street: Homecourt.

I've always loved the Lego games and I know it can hold my attention, but I also have a soft spot for the arcade style basketball games (OG NBA Jam's fault).

So debating if I want to grab a couple games or not
i must disagree... even though has 360 is a major problem with the rings of death, you are not looking at the whole story behind it. you are only looking at some 30% of mis-fortunate peoples stories. the others are all happy. and besides, Microsoft extended the warranty to 3 years. if you happen to be in the 30 %, you are more likely to either get a whole new system, or a replaced motherboard and dvd player. also people do not realize, that one of the main causes of the "plague" is people keeping their boxes in upright, poorly ventilated places. which brings us to the next topic: not all systems suffer form the "notorious" RRoD. how doi know this? well i had it break down because of other reasons. so it's no that bad to own a 360 after all, now is it
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